Future Research

New Funding

MacIntyre, H.L. and R. Carmichael: “Harmful Algal Bloom Study, Little Lagoon, Baldwin County, Alabama”, Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, 2005-2006  $25,000

MacIntyre, H.L., A. Ortmann and K. Park: “Residence time as a factor controlling HABs and fecal coliform bacteria in Little Lagoon, Alabama”, NOAA MS/AL Sea Grant, 2010-2012  $441,549

MacIntyre, H.L., W.C. Burnett and B. Mortazavi: “Groundwater discharge, benthic coupling and microalgal community structure in a shallow coastal lagoon”, National Science Foundation (Bio. Oce.), 2010-2013   $752,399

Liefer, J.D.: “Toxicity of Pseudo-nitzschia spp. in Little Lagoon, Alabama”, FDA Gulf Coast Seafood Laboratory, 2010-2011  $40,967

Total: $1,237,41

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