Who We Are

In 1991, a group of concerned citizens calling themselves Little Lagoon Preservation Society was formed with the primary goals: 1) To ensure that the quality of water in the Lagoon is maintained to the highest possible standards, 2) To preserve and improve recreational opportunities, which  includes efforts to improve the quality and quantity of fish, crabs, and shrimp, 3) To preserve and protect surrounding wetlands, 4) To join together to act on items of interest to the majority of members, 5) To organize regular meetings at least four times a year as well as entertainment and social functions

LLPS has taken action to ensure Lagoon Pass remains open to provide “flushing” and maintain ADEM water quality classification for the Lagoon-”Fish and Wildlife, Swimming, and Shellfish Harvest”.  The result of that legal effort was a District Court order requiring Alabama Department of Transportation to dregde and maintain a channel at Callaway Pass for water quality purposes.

Join us today to help preserve Little Lagoon