What We Do

The society‚Äôs overall goal is to work for the long-term preservation of the Little Lagoon.  Some of the primary goals include:

  • We work to insure that the quality of water in the Little Lagoon is maintained to the highest possible standards.  This will include providing for regular analysis of water taken from various locations around the Lagoon.
  • We strive to preserve and improve recreational opportunities, which will include efforts to improve the quality and quantity of fish, crabs, and shrimp, placing and maintaining navigational markers, preservation of wetlands, etc.
  • We join together to act on items of interest to the majority of members.  This will let us lagoon lovers be in a unified position to take action that may be necessary from time to time to safeguard and protect the lagoon.
  • We organize regular meetings at least four times a year as well as entertainment and social functions.

Join us today to help preserve Little Lagoon