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How is the Water Quality in Little Lagoon?


The following scientific characterization is by Dr. Hugh MacIntyre at our April 2010 members meeting.  Please realize that he is not saying the Lagoon is dead or about to die or that our lagoon seafood is toxic.  Many observations and characterizations of Lagoon water quality are quite good.  There are some areas of concern that we need to study and better understand.  We should use those learnings and conclusions for remediation of problems and optimal management of the resource.     


"Water quality in Little Lagoon is not seriously compromised.  Nutrient levels are comparable to Mobile Bay but there is no evidence for widespread hypoxia.

Microalgal biomass is correlated with nutrient levels.  Both groundwater and sediments are likely sources of nutrients.

The lagoon is a hot-spot for a toxic diatom (Pseudo-nitzschia spp.).  The blooms are toxic but there is no evidence for intoxication/ecological consequences.

Fecal coliform bacteria are frequently well above regulatory thresholds.  Abundance is not correlated with any parameter measured to date."





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