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LLPS Quarterly Membership Meeting Thurs Jan 22

LLPS Quarterly Membership Meeting

 Thursday, January 22, 2015



Guest Speaker: Dr. Brian Burnes

Associate Professor Biology, University of West Alabama


Identifying Sources of Pathogen/Bacteria Contamination in Little Lagoon



Little Lagoon Preservation Society (LLPS) invites members and the general public to attend a quarterly membership meeting on Thursday, January 22, 5:30 PM, at the Adult Activity Center in Gulf Shores.  The first 30 minutes (5:30 to 6:00) is an opportunity to mingle and enjoy refreshments with LLPS members, officers, guest speakers, and the general public. 


Guest Speaker- Dr. Burnes will share with us a technique he has used in other fresh water environments in Alabama where microbe patterns are analyzed to determine potential sources of surface water pollution/bacteria.  He will also share plans for applying that technique to Little Lagoon in the near future.


Other topics to be discussed following our guest speaker include:


            1) LLPS Bacteria Sampling and Data Analysis East end of Lagoon- Brief by LLPS        Volunteer and Environmental Science graduate Aren Calton

            2) Little Lagoon Pass Update- BridgeOpen by Spring Break, some sea wall work will     be unfinished at bridge opening time

            3) COGS Projects Update- Update on septic tank initiative and Living Shoreline   project at Mo's Landing

            4) Membership- 2015 dues,Snowbird recruiting efforts, membership category    expansion, Little Lagoon Boating and Fishing Guide

            5) Little Lagoon Hydrodynamic Model- First pass model shown at Bays and Bayous     Symposium by USA grad student, Guest Speaker April 2015?

            6) Spring Fling- Dinner and "State of Little Lagoon Talk" at Mo's Landing in late April? 

            7) Treasurer Report- Summary



The general public is invited to attend this event and encouraged to join our non-profit society.  LLPS strives to: “Preserve and improve the quality of life on and around Little Lagoon by: 1) Endeavoring to assure that the quality of water in the Little Lagoon is maintained to the highest standards set by the appropriate State and Federal regulatory agencies and 2) Banding together as a group to influence items of interest or concern to the majority of the membership to include: a) Endeavoring to protect the lagoon and surrounding wetlands and wildlife habitat, and b) Monitoringlocal, state and federal governments as an advocate and watchdog group to influence matters that might impact Little Lagoon”.  Please visit us at

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