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LLPS Board Member Renick Marsh Passes, Jan 31, 2014

LLPS Board Member Renick Marsh, 83, Passes

We regret to inform you that long standing LLPS Board Member Renick Marsh passed away on Friday, January 31, 2014.  He was 84.

Renick spent most of his life working as a Geologist for several major oil companies.  He also had a love of lifeguarding and it was one ways he "gave back" to his respective community thru out his travels.  Renick's first job was as a lifeguard at age 16 and as of his recent retirement as lifeguard for the City of Gulf Shores he had rescued some 70 people and trained thousands of lifeguards.  He also may have been the world's oldest practicing lifeguard.  Renick was greatly respected and served as a mentor for many swimmers and fellow employees. 

Renick served on the LLPS Board for 5 years and with his earth science perspective was a valuable contributor.  One of his passions was collecting fish and crustaceans for his saltwater aquarium.  A project Renick was working on before his passing was interfacing with the Alabama Department of Conservation to utilize trawl survey data in a scientific assessment of finfish populations in Little Lagoon. 

Renick will be sorely missed by our Community and Society.  Although we are saddened with his passing we will respect his wish that his passing not be mourned but that his life and accomplishments be remembered with joy and happiness.  His three sons are planning a celebration of his life with the arrival of warmer weather.


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