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LLPS Quarterly Membership Meeting Thurs., July 18th

LLPS Quarterly Membership Meeting

 Thursday, July 18, 2013



Guest Speaker: Dr. Alice Ortmann, Assistant Professor of Marine Sciences, University of South Alabama and Senior Marine Scientist, Dauphin Island Sea Lab


"Identifying likely sources of fecal contamination of Little Lagoon, Alabama"



Little Lagoon Preservation Society (LLPS) invites members and the general public to attend a quarterly membership meeting on Thursday, July 18, 5:30 PM, at the Adult Activity Center in Gulf Shores.  The first 30 minutes (5:30 to 6:00) is an opportunity to mingle and enjoy refreshments with LLPS members, officers, guest speakers, and the general public. 


Guest Speaker Abstract- "During water quality monitoring of Little Lagoon, it was observed that approximately 25% of the samples had high levels of fecal coliforms.  Analysis of environmental variables collected with the water samples did not identify likely sources or mechanisms of contamination. Because fecal contamination from human sources has a higher health risk than contamination from animal sources, it is important to identify where the contamination is coming from. Using DNA-based tools, we have identified consistent, but low levels of human fecal indicators, likely due to human activities around Little Lagoon, but no indication that humans are the source of the fecal coliform peaks. Occasional spikes in the abundance of markers associated with dogs and cows suggest that animals are the likely source of contamination, indicating a lower risk to humans using Little Lagoon."

Other topics to be discussed following our guest speaker include:


            1) Little Lagoon Pass-Vince Calametti, ALDOT, SW Regional Engineer- Update on delay with Little Lagoon Pass and bridge   replacement.  Start date after Labor Day.

            2) GAPC Update- Review results of Barney Montgomery meeting with ADEM and COGS document review. Review LLPS identified additional Lagoon uses: a) outreach and             stakeholder education and b) scientific research.

            3) Baldwin County Water Working Group-Organized to develop a study of our             county’s ground water resources.  LLPS will join.  Working group gathering well data.

            4) Website Update- Water quality data viewable on interactive website map.  Working on             data entry interface

                5) Water Quality Team.  Additional volunteers can be used.  Contact Dennis or another   team member to learn more.

                6)Treasurer Report-


The general public is invited to attend this event and encouraged to join our non-profit society.  LLPS strives to: “Preserve and improve the quality of life on and around Little Lagoon by: 1) Endeavoring to assure that the quality of water in the Little Lagoon is maintained to the highest standards set by the appropriate State and Federal regulatory agencies and 2) Banding together as a group to influence items of interest or concern to the majority of the membership to include: a) Endeavoring to protect the lagoon and surrounding wetlands and wildlife habitat, and b) Monitoringlocal, state and federal governments as an advocate and watchdog group to influence matters that might impact Little Lagoon”.  Please visit us at

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