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Please Report Oil and Tarballs Found on our Beaches

The City of Gulf Shores is encouraging all residents, tourist, visitors, friends and neighbors to assist the City in reporting oil or tarballs found on our beaches.  Recent changes in the cleanup process have put more responsibility on the City to monitor our beaches for oil and tarballs.  We are asking everyone who finds oil or tarballs to please call the National Response Center at 1-800-424-8802.  By calling the NRC, it is mandated the US Coast Guard respond and make a visual inspection, then cleanup crews are instructed to the area to remove the oil. 

The City has been able to say our beaches are clean due to BP and the US Coast Guard cleaning our beaches daily.  With the City working diligently with the State and with your help reporting oil and tarballs on the beach, we will still be able to tell the world, “Our Beaches are Clean”.


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