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Pitcher plant rescue project Weeks Bay


Mr. Hatfield,

The North AmericanSarracenia Conservancy has alerted Weeks Bay Reserve (Fairhope, Al) staff to an opportunity to rescue 2,000 to 2,500 endangered white topped pitcher plants from a development site in Pensacola.  If we can sign up enough volunteers it will be possible to save these endangered carnivorous plants by transplanting them to suitable sites within the Weeks Bay Reserve and help restore imperiled bog habitat.

Work dates will be January 4th, 5th and 6thand we are looking for a commitment of at least 4 hours per person.


Could you please help us get the word out to those whom you think might be interested in volunteering time for this rescue project?


Please have anyone interested respond to [email protected]


Thank you,


Eric Brunden

Stewardship Coordinator

WeeksBayNational Estuarine Research Reserve

11300 Highway 98

Fairhope, Al 36532

phone: 251-928-9792

fax: 251-928-1792

 [email protected] 

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