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LLPS Quarterly Membership Meeting, Thursday, April 19, 2012

LLPS Quarterly Membership Meeting

 Thursday, April 19, 2012



Guest Speaker:Dr. Justin Leifer


Little Lagoon Preservation Society (LLPS) invites members and the general public to attend a quarterly membership meeting Thursday, April 19, 5:30 PM, at the Adult Activity Center in Gulf Shores.  The first 30 minutes (5:30 to 6:00) is an opportunity to mingle and enjoy refreshments with LLPS members, officers, guest speakers, and the general public.  DISL/ USA researcher Dr Justin Leifer will review his dissertation – Phytoplankton Community Structure and the Physiological Ecology of the toxic, Bloom forming Diatom Pseudo-nitzschia spp. in coastal Alabama.”  This talk will be a synopsis of 4 years of research in Little Lagoon and Alabama coastal waters while pursuing his Marine Science doctorate degree from USA.  


Other topics to be discussed following our guest speaker include:

            1) Little Lagoon Pass-Review of a) efforts by ALDOT/COGS to move sand to places     needed west of Lagoon Pass, b) Docket to amend the court order, c) recent pass closure,          d) water quality during the closure, e) latest progress on replacing Lagoon Pass bridge           and pass redesign.

            2) GAPC status- Proposed nomination for Little Lagoon as Geographic Area of   Particular Concern will be reviewed by the Coastal Resource Advisory Committee     (CRAC).

                3)Natural Resources Damage Assessment (NRDA)-  LLPS will be submitting a    proposal for funding with oil spill fine moneys from the BP oil spill.  Project partners           include GSA-Alabama (Lead), several consulting geologists, Baldwin County Utilities, and       possible University Researchers.  The proposal is to utilize latest high resolution                subsurface imaging technologies combined with existing drilling and production data to        perform Geologic mapping and a comprehensive assessment of Baldwin County ground water resources.

                4) Treasurer’s Report


The general public is invited to attend this event and encouraged to join our non-profit society.  LLPS strives to: “Preserve and improve the quality of life on and around Little Lagoon by: 1) Endeavoring to assure that the quality of water in the Little Lagoon is maintained to the highest standards set by the appropriate State and Federal regulatory agencies and 2) Banding together as a group to influence items of interest or concern to the majority of the membership to include: a) Endeavoring to protect the lagoon and surrounding wetlands and wildlife habitat, and b) Monitoringlocal, state and federal governments as an advocate and watchdog group to influence matters that might impact Little Lagoon”.  Please visit us at

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