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Research Papers/LLPS Letters

The following are scientific papers and formal communications on various topics pertinent to our area:

   spatial variabl              Justin WillW ilTemporal and spatial variability in Psuedo-nitschia spp. in Alabama coastal waters: A hotspot linked to submarine waters discharge? Justin D. Leifer (DISL), Hugh L. MacIntyre (Dalhousie University), Lucie Novoveska (DISL), William L. Smith (ADPH), Carol P. Dorsey (ADPH) 2009 

Taxonomical Discrimination of Phytoplankton by Spectral Fluorescence.  Hugh L. MacIntyre (Dalhousie University), Evelynn Lawrenz (University of S. Carolina), Tammi L. Richardson (University of S. Carolina) 2010 

Environmental correlates of community composition and toxicity during a bloom of Psuedo-nitschia spp. in the Northern Gulf of Mexico. Hugh L. MacIntyre (Dalhousie University), Adrienne L. Stutes (DISL, Hart Crowser Inc.), William L. Smith (ADPH), Carol P. Dorsey (ADPH), Ann Abraham (ADPH), Robert W. Dickey (FDA, Gulf Coast Sea Food Lab) 2011

Lagoon Research Project Narrative, Hugh L. MacIntyre (Dalhousie University), Alice C. Ortmann (USA), Kyeong Park (USA, DISL) 2009 

Ground Water Discharge and Nitrate Flux to the Gulf of Mexico, Carolyn B. Dowling (Ohio State University), Robert J. Poreda (University of Rochester), Andrew G. Hunt (University of Rochester), Anne E. Carey (Ohio State University) 2004 

Assessing the  extent and sources of nitrate contamination in the aquifer systems of southern Baldwin County, Alabama, Dorina Murgulet (University of Alabama), Geoffrey Tick (University of Alabama) 2008 

Microbial and Phytoplankton Community Changes in Response to High Inputs of Dissolved Organic Nitrogen from Submarine Groundwater Discharge, Jennifer S. Anders, (University of Alabama, Dauphin Island Sea Lab), Justin D. Leifer (Dauphin Island Sea Lab), Willaim C. Burnett (Florida State University), Hugh L. MacIntyre (Dalhousie University), Behzad Mortizavi (University of Alabama, Dauphin Island Sea Lab) 2014  

 The Role of Citizen Scientists in Harmful Algal Bloom Monitoring and Response, Summer Webinar Series to Build Awareness about Harmful Algal Blooms and Nutrient Pollution, Steve Morton (Marine Biotoxins Program, NOAA), Scott Kishbaugh (NYSDEC), Karen Stainbrook (NYSDEC) 2015 

 Living with Harmful Algal Blooms in a Changing World: Strategies for Modelling and Mitigating Their Effects in Coastal Marine Ecosystems, by Clarissa R. Anderson 1, Stephanie K. Moore 2, Michelle C. Tomlinson, 3, Joe Silke 4, and Caroline K. Kusack 4, 1-Institute of Marine Sciences, University of California, Santa Cruz, 2-Environmental and Fisheries Sciences, Northwest Fisheries Science Center, National Marine Fisheries Service, NOAA, Seattle, Wa.,3-NOAA, National Center for Coastal Ocean Science, East West Hwy, Silver Spring, MD, 4-Marine Institute, Oranmore, County Galway, Ireland 2014   

Dissimalatory nitrate reduction to Amonium (DNRA) seasonaly dominates NO3- reduction pathways in anthropogenically impacted sub-tropical coastal lagoon, Rebecca J. Bernard, Bezhad Mortazavi, Alice A. Kleinhuizen, DISL/UA 2015

Seasonal Alteration Between Groundwater Discahrge and Benthic Coupling as Nutrient Sources in a Shallow Coastal Lagoon. Justin D. Leifer 1, Hugh L. MacIntyre 1, Ni Su 2, William C. Burnett 2, 1-Dauphin Island Sea Lab,  2- Florida State University 2013

LLPS Letter to ALDOT Concerning New Pass Performance, Dennis Hatield, 2016

LLPS Letter to the Islander Editor re "Lagoon Pass a Constant Struggle", Dennis Hatfield, 2016 

Edible Shellfish in Little Lagoon, Memorandum of Understanding, MRD, ADPH, AUMERC, LLPS,  2016

LLPS Members Meeting Guest Speakers

The following are presentations by various guest speakers at our LLPS Quarterly Membership Meeting:

Survey of LLPS Membership Objectives, By Dr. Ronald Phelps, LLPS Board Member, Oct 2018

The Indian Trade Canal, By Harry King, LLPS Board Member, July 2018

Little Lagoon Oil Spill Fine Money Restoration Project, By Dan Bond, City of Gulf Shores, April 2018 

Little Lagoon Laguna Cove Fact Sheet, By Dan Bond, City of Gulf Shores, Apr 2018

     Biological Assessment of Little Lagoon, By Craig Newton. Biologist, Alabama Department of Conservation, Jan 2018
     Little Lagoon & Little Lagoon Pass: Research Updates & Directions, By Dr. Brett Webb, USA,  Dept of Eng., Oct 2017     
     The Little Lagoon: It's Legacy Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow, by Chan West, July 2017
     Homeowners Guide to Living Shorelines in Alabama, provided by Dr. Eric Sparks, MS/AL Sea Grant, April 2017
     Living Shoreline Examples, Provided by Mary Kate Brown and MS/AL Seagrant, April 2017
     Natural Erosion Control Alternatives for Little Lagoon, By Dr. Eric Sparks, MS/AL Sea Grant, April 2017      
     Shellfish restoration in Little Lagoon, By P.J. Waters, MS/AL Sea Grant, January 2017 
     Conservation of Coastal Alabama, By Walter Ernest, Pelican Coast Conservancy,  October 2016
     Water Rangers, a web tool for citizen scientists, By Cade Kistler, Program Director, Mobile Baykeeper, October 2016
     E-coli Sources in Little Lagoon, Alabama, By Dr. Brian Burnes, UWA, presented by Dennis Hatfield, July 2016
     Maintenance Dredging of Little Lagoon Pass, By Vince Calamette, Regional Engineer-ALDOT, April 2016 
     Modeling and Investigating Morphological Changes at Little Lagoon Pass, By Bryan Groza, USA, Jan 2016 
     Sources of E.coli in Lake Martin, Alabama-The Potential Role of Geese, By Dr. Brian Burnes, UWA, Oct 2015  
     Developing a Detailed Computer Model of Little Lagoon, By Bryan Groza, USA Grad Researcher, April 2015 

A Review of LLPS and AWW Sampling Protocols and Bacteria Monitoring in Eastern Little Lagoon, Alabama, By Aren Calton, January 2015

Review of COGS Environmental Initiatives, By Daniel Bond, COGS, October 2014

Impacts of Dissolved Organic Nitrogen Loading by Submarine Groundwater Discharge in Little Lagoon, Alabama, By Jennifer Anders, UA, DISL, August 2014 

Eight Years of Research in Little Lagoon, By Dr. Justin Leifer, FDA, DISL, USA, April 2014 

  Alabama Coastal Area Management Plan (ACAMP)-Little Lagoon, By Phillip Hinesley, Alabama Department of Conservation & Natural Resources, Coastal Division, October 2013   

Identifying likely sources of fecal contamination of Little Lagoon, Alabama, By Dr. Alice Ortmann, DISL, USA, July 2013    

Silicon Biogeochemistry, By Dr. Jeffrey Krause, DISL, University of California Santa Barbara, January 2013 

Phytoplankton Community Structure and the Physiological Ecology of the Toxic, Bloom-forming Diatom Pseudo-Nitzschia Spp. in Coastal Alabama, By Dr. Justin Leifer, April 2012  

Plants of Coastal Alabama, By LLPS Officer Chan West, Jan 2012

Commercial and Recreational Crabbing Overview, By Cristopher M. Blankenship, Director-Marine Resources Division, ADCNR, July 2011

Contested Uncertainty and the BP Catastrophe: Lessons from the Valdez Disaster-By Dr. J. Steven Picou, USA, Jan 2011

Baldwin County Watershed Coalition-By Roberta Swann, MBNEP, Oct. 2010

Getting a Grip on the Ecological Effects of the Oil Spill on Alabama's Coastal Waters: Oysters as an Indicator, By Dr. William Walton, AU, July 2010

Water Quality in Little Lagoon-By Dr. Hugh MacIntyre, DISL, April 2010 

Red Clay, A Pox on our Snow White Beaches, By Dennis Hatfield, LLPS, Jan 2010

 Seagrass Resoration in Little Lagoon, By Bart Christiaen, DISL, April 2009

Review of ALDOT Draft Concept Design Report, By Dennis Hatfield, LLPS, July 2009

Review of Water Quality Initiatives, By Lucie Novoveska (DISL), Kirstin Hartzell (DISL), Bill Dickenson (LLPS), Hugh MacIntyre (Dalhousie University), Dennis Hatfield (LLPS), Valerie Dickinson (LLPS) July 2007



Bays and Bayous

The following are poster presentations by Dr.'s Ortmann and MacIntyre, graduate student Lucie Novoveska, and the LLPS team Hatfield, Gass, and COGS Public Works Director Acreman at Bays and Bayous 2010 Mobile, and Hatfield, Novoveska, Leifer, and MacIntyre at Bays and Bayous 2008 Biloxi:

Cooperative Monitoring, Informational Flow and Management of Water Quality in Little Lagoon, AL

Three Years of Alabama Volunteer Phytoplankton Monitoring Network (ALVPMN): Pros and Cons 

Harmful Algae, Hypoxia and Fecal Coliform Bacteria in Little Lagoon, Alabama

Fingerprinting E. coli communities in Little Lagoon, AL to understand their potential sources 

Little Lagoon Preservation Society and Dauphin Island Sea Lab: A Collaborative Effort to Understand, Preserve, Protect, and Manage One of Alabama’s Crown Jewels  






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